Your Business

Your Business, Your Life

As business owners we understand the blood, sweat and tears it takes to build a successful business.

It can be a lonely journey, the most rewarding yet painful experience you’ll ever have.  Very often though it seems there is no escaping from this lifestyle you have created.  It has been such a large part of your life and the responsibility weighs so heavily on you it can be hard to imagine how you are ever going to move on.

  • Who do you turn to?
  • Who do you trust for advice?
  • How do you go about selling it?
  • What will happen to those you leave behind?

The Exit

Most business owners’ exit plan consists of hoping someone will come along with a blank cheque and offer them the equivalent of a lottery win. No strings attached.

Not many stop to think about the reality of it.  The emotion involved, and the risks.

The cheque is important. Very important. But there is more to consider.

Very few business owners sell enough businesses to consider themselves ‘experienced’ in the process and they can make costly mistakes if not careful.  Our deals are structured to ensure they are tax efficient and allow you to retain as much of your money as possible. If anyone advises you to strip the business of it’s cash and assets before selling, politely ignore them!

We want to create a win-win for all parties.

We want you to be able to sell your business for a fair price. A price which reflects the value in the business, a price which allows you to fulfil your personal ambitions and a price that gives your business the chance to continue to flourish post sale.

We want you to have peace of mind that the staff and suppliers that have been by your side, loyal to you are treated fairly and with respect.

What happens after the sale?

It is vital to understand what your post-sale goals and ambitions are:

For some, the owner can’t wait for the day they can walk away and turn their phone off.

For others, the owner wants to cash out, step back and take a part-time non-executive board role.

But for most owners, they want to withdraw gracefully from a business they’ve spent many years nurturing, ensuring their legacy continues in reassuring hands

It helps all involved if you can have thought seriously about life after the sale, what it looks like for you and what is important to you early on in this process.  We will conduct an interview with you to discuss this during stage 2 of the process.